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Power of .htaccess to protect Wordpress world

Proudly presenting simple and yet - powerful way to protect your Wordpress against brute force hacks, login script DDOS and password hijacking.

Step 1

Install and activate plugin. By default plugin will block IP of visitor, who failed to login more than 3 times within last 30 minutes. IP will be blocked using simple deny ip rule in .htaccess file.

Step 2

If you wish, go to plugin configuration and adjust settings. You can set for how long IP should be blocked, adjust number of failed login attempts and enter list of IPs, which should never be blocked. You can also see list of last 30 login failures and list of IPs, which are being blocked.

/ 23.January.2017

Yet another sysadmin, who got distracted by DDOS attacks on Wordpress login script

Anton Aleksandrov

Idea, Developer


or search for htaccess block in Wordpress plugin repository Best simple and super effective Wordpress blog security plugin